Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hyderabadi Charcoal DUM Briyani @ Plaza Idaman, Gombak

G03-C Ground Floor, 70 Jalan 6/21D,
Plaza Idaman, 53100 Kuala Lumpur
Opposite: BHP Petrol Station

Facebook: Official Page

Kedai ni kat Plaza Idaman, dah beberapa bulan bukak. Opening date : 27 Ogos 2015. Sebelum ni kedai Jeruk Pak Ali. Skang dah jadi kedai nasi beriyani plak, jual dalam periuk belanga. lama dah eyeing nak beli.

Kedai ni kat Plaza Idaman, kalo lalu ikut jalan belakang, memang nampak kedai ni dulu la, sebab dia dok kat belah luar bangunan.

1st time beli nasi beriyani ni, derang pack dalam kotak (refer photo bwh). 2nd time beli, derang tak pakai kotak, derang pack dalam tupperware see-thru. portion-wise, penuh 1 kotak tu. not bad la. mak saya beli 3 pack, boleh makan untuk dinner jugak.

setiap nasi beriyani derang akan include 1 telur rebus. 1/2 ketul potato, 1 cili padi dan 1 tub kuah. rasanya sedap! even bila nasi dah sejuk, masih sedap dimakan. ini komen dari mak la. saya pon setuju jugak. biasa kalo dah nasi sejuk, kurang sedap kan? tapi nasi ni moist, tak kering. rasa nasi dia pon memang boleh dimakan begitu saja tanpa lauk mahupon kuah.

lauk nasi beriyani, boleh pilih samada AYAM ataupon KAMBING.

yang air mango juice tu, errr.. saya rasa baik takyah beli. eheheh.. sebab saya dah try, dan rasanya bukan seperti jus mangga yang diperah fresh-fresh. rasa macam kordial mangga je. bayangkan korang bayar RM 3 (utk small cup) atau RM 5 (utk large cup), minum-minum rupanya bancuhan kordial aje. huhuhuhu. tatau la stok mangga dah abis, dia pergi jual air kordial mangga aje. err.

so kalo korang nak beli sini, beli nasi beriyani dia saje.


Peta Lokasi

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dah Makan Lunchboxes: Online Food Review

To order, visit You will get RM10 off for your first order.

Delivery area?
They deliver to the entire Klang Valley area which includes Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding Selangor areas. View delivery map here.

Payment options?
They accept:
- Maybank2U, Cimb Clicks and many more bank gateways select MOLPay
- Debit Cards and Credit Cards use MOLPay
- PayPal
- Cash on Delivery (this is what i opt for)


For each day, they have 2 meals for you to choose from, to be eaten for lunch or dinner.

Took me awhile to select which day to order from, as in my mind, I was choosing the most kid-friendly meal out of all the days. Alas, I found 29 Dec 2015 to be the day that contains food that can be eaten by a 9-month-old, kids and adults. :P

Grilled Perch with Pumpkin Mash
- The pumpkin mash is great for babies. Darris seem to love it, he couldn't stop eating. My mum even fed him some of the perch, as it's boneless.
- The flavour for both perch and mash are very yummy indeed.
flavour 9/10
presentation 8/10

Chicken Roulade with Feta and Spinach and Garlic Cream Pasta
- I was disappointed by the amount of garlic cream sauce that they provide us; just 1 small tub, which to me wasn't enough. I prefer my pasta to be swimming in sauce. Hehe. Could at least put 2 tubs of cream sauce.
- I gave some of the bow-tie pasta to Aleesya to try. she asks for seconds and thirds.
- I found the chicken roulade was slightly on the dry side. The taste kind of flat, so I tried eating it with the tomato sauce (provided along with the grilled perch), it sort of help elevate the taste.
. Rating:
flavour 5/10
presentation 4/10


Once you have selected your meal, you can even add drinks or snacks to your meal if you want to.

- drinks are around RM 6 to RM 8

- snacks are around RM 4 to RM 5


Lunch: no selection
* Delivery of lunchboxes is between 11:30 pm and 1:30 pm

Dinner: 5.30 to 6.30 pm, 6.30 to 7.30 pm, 7.30 to 8.30 pm
* I selected 5.30 to 6.30 pm. the delivery guy came 5 minutes late at around 6.35 pm, as he wasn't familiar with my area. :P



What do you guys think? You be the judge.

Sorry if my own photos don't look as appetising. The grilled perch does look yummy and quite colourful. But my photos of the chicken roulade looked really washed out since it's mostly white. Blame the fluorescent lights.

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