Friday, September 12, 2008

Chicken Chop (Adieha's version)

Okay.. ini recipe Chicken Chop plak.

Recipe sendiri nih, senang sgt. utk ayam, pakai yg frozen. utk kuah dan sup gune perencah instant je. ehehehe. sesuai utk anak2 bujang, org2 yg malas atau ibu2 yg sibuk. jimat belanja sbb tak perlu beli byk barang. :P


A. The Chop

a few packets of packet of frozen Breaded Chicken Chop (i forgot the brand. oops!)

Slice the chops in half for easy frying. Deep fry until golden brown/cooked through.

1 packet contains 1 piece of Breaded Chicken Chop. 1 packet is enough for 1 person. The size is quite big, about 6" by 6". So for those with small tummies can share. 2 people can share 1 piece. :P

B. The Gravy

There's many types of gravy which are suitable for Chicken Chop such as, sweet & sour sauce, black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce.. etc.

* For sweet & sour sauce:
Use 1 packet of Maggi 'Perendah Ikan Masam Manis'. Follow the instruction behind the packet. You can add slices of onions, chopped chillies, a cube of Maggi Chicken cube stock, frozen peas or mixed veggie, a dash of tomato/chilli sauce.. for extra flavour.

* For black pepper sauce:
use 1 packet of Maggi 'Perencah Berlada Hitam'. Follow the instruction behind the packet. You can add slices of onions, a cube of Maggi Chicken cube stock.. for extra flavour.

* For mushroom sauce: refer link for recipe

c. Salad

Cabbage, sliced thinly
Carrots, julienne
Tomato, chopped into quarters
a few olives, pit them and slice into small pieces

Dressing: Thousand Island sauce

Combine all the veggies into a salad bowl. Drizzle Thousand Island sauce over the salad right before serving. Toss and serve.

d. Side Dish (Optional)

- French Fries / Wedges / Mashed Potato
- Mushroom Soup (Maggi Cream of Mushroom) or Chicken Soup (Maggie Cream of Chicken)
- Baked beans
- replace Salad with Mixed Veggie (Corn, Peas, Carrots)


Note to self:
Just found out that Little Wok at Food Republic @ Pavilion serves 'Chicken Chop Rice with Egg'. Must try .. but must wait after Raya.



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