Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chocolate Lava Cake @ Domino's

click image to order online!

Introductory Offer
Add-on : RM 5.80
Ala carte : RM 8.80

Online order : 50% off ala carte price
Save : RM 4.40
* Valid with minimum regular pizza purchase & for online order only


Yum Yum! Dessert ni mmg unexpected, sbb rasa dia sedap giler! harga pon sgt sgt murah. sy dah 2nd time order Chocolate Lava Cake ni, fuhh.. sungguh moist skali! sape2 yg blom cube lg, try la cepat. harap2 domino's kekalkan Chocolate Lava Cake ni. mmg berbaloi beli.

Sy bayar RM 4.40 aje, sbb sy order online. order skang kat

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